Warranty Information

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Return Shipping Instructions

When shipping an item to Now micro for repair or service, please use the original factory packaging when possible. If factory packaging is not available, please wrap the device in a minimum of 2 layers of bubble wrap to completely cover all sides, place the device in a shipping box with at least 4” of void fill on all sides to immobilize it for shipping. If you do use original factory packaging, but without original accessories that keep it secure in the box, please use bubble wrap to fill the box around the system. Failure to properly package the device may void the warranty leaving you liable for the replacement cost.

If returning multiple items in packaging other than factory, 2 in padding/buffer required between each individual item. Do not stack items in the box if heavier than 1 Lbs. each, and never more than 3 items in a stack.


Data: Although Now Micro makes all reasonable attempts to preserve customer hard drive data, it is solely the customer’s responsibility to back up all critical data before bringing their PC in to Now Micro. The customer agrees that Now Micro and their employees cannot be held liable, under any circumstances, for any lost data. When a hard drive needs to be replaced, customer data will be lost. Now Micro can back up data before replacing the drive, but this is NOT covered under warranty and the customer will be responsible for any applicable charges.

Software Settings:Third-party software installation and configuration are the sole responsibility of the customer. Now Micro cannot be responsible for any software settings or configurations. No Software is covered under warranty. Now Micro can troubleshoot or set up software for an additional fee, and the customer will be responsible for any applicable charges.

Repair not covered by Manufacturer: In the event the repair and testing has been determined to not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, customer agrees to pay the Now Micro Non-warranty diagnostics fee.

Non-Warranty Fees: There will be a $90 diagnostics fee for all non-warranty repairs. Customer agrees to pay this fee whether or not they choose to go ahead and complete the non-warranty repair. Other charges may apply.