Bringing Consistency and Advanced Automation to Image Creation


Creating operating system images can be a challenging and error prone piece of a complex deployment. When simple or generic OEM images are used, complexity can be shifted to installation time, when it has the most impact on customer perception and can have the least consistent results.

ImageBuild is a Now Micro service designed to-

  • Create consistent, documented and deterministic images
  • Reduce install time customization
  • Support a variety of hardware with a single image
  • Provide automated builds at customer selected cadence via ImageSync
  • Use Configurator as an optional, focused OOBE
  • Draw upon Now Micro’s vast library of existing customizations

Now Micro captures your image requirements, including management agents, software and profile customizations and creates an automated set of packages for the ImageBuild system.

With ImageBuild you receive a change controlled image that has a consistent set of customizations no matter the hardware. Now Micro Configurator can also be used to provide a project specific out of box experience that prompts for install time settings in a linear, easy to use interface.

Contact Now Micro today to find out how your installation headaches can be automated and eliminated with ImageBuild.

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