Intel vPro

Transforming Platform Management With Hardware Level Control


Embedded/IoT devices are increasingly being installed in more public spaces, inside walls, data center and other difficult to service areas. Intel vPro platform technology gives your organization the tools necessary to manage a wide-variety of devices from power-off and during OS inactivity to reduce total cost of ownership via remote recover/repair and first call resolution.

An Intel vPro capable device has a number of capabilities that can be activated:

  • Hardware KVM - Shows exactly what is being output from the device and allows intervention during bootup, OS faults, etc.
  • APIs for remote power management
  • Content Caching - Deliver content a single time to a site, and then to digital signage devices
  • Bare-Metal Device Restoration - Utilize Now Micro ImageSync (or your imaging tool) and Intel vPro to enable bare-metal device reimaging without a physical presence on site
  • Hardware based sleep and wake timers to enable off-hours servicing and other advanced automation capabilities
  • Boot to PXE, BIOS and see the OS boot process

Now Micro offers a variety of Intel vPro capable devices and related services, including mass provisioning, design and integration.

Now Micro Devices with Intel vPro

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