Now Micro IoT Player

A secure, managed HTML5 playback appliance


Now Micro IoT Players address typical HTML5 digital signage player pain points by providing a secure, managed and reliable solution:

Pain Points

  • Most HTML5 players are unmanaged
  • Managed players have expensive licenses
  • Stuck with unpatched, insecure systems
  • 9-12 month lifecycle hardware
  • Forces you to use their CMS


  • Fanless option
  • No reoccuring management fees
  • Patched and updated
  • Long life hardware
  • Use your content and CMS

Digital signage powered by Windows 10 IoT Core, Now Micro IoT Players are regularly patched, manageable via API or web console while providing a low-overhead appliance experience. Three devices are available to meet a variety of content performance and form factor requirements.

Use your existing CMS and content to create your own HTML5 based digital signage solution.

Now Micro Windows 10 IoT Core Devices

Now Micro IoT Players

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