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As digital signage becomes an essential piece of all retail, public and corporate spaces, the industry is driving unique, personalized experiences using user analytics, data feeds and more captivating video. To ensure your digital signage systems can support rich, interactive content, gather and consolidate relevant and metrics and create efficient servicing options, Intel has created the Visual Data Device Specification. The specifications ensures that compliant devices are ready to support other on-site devices in a variety of consolation and offload tasks.

A VDD specification device can provide a number of services/workloads supporting digital signage devices displaying content:

  • Analytics - Capture and consolidate audience information including age, gender and attention
  • Video Transcoding - Deliver content in one format and provide alternate video formats for additional codecs and sizes
  • Content Caching - Deliver content a single time to a site, and then to digital signage devices
  • Bare-Metal Device Restoration - Utilize Now Micro ImageSync and Intel vPro to enable bare-metal device reimaging without a physical presence on site
  • FPGA Accelerator Host - Use FPGA to create industry specific co-processing and computation offload
  • Intel Unite Server - Provide low-friction enterprise collaboration back end services

Now Micro is excited to provide VDD specification devices that are cost effective and flexible enough to address these and future use cases. Our short mounting depth 2U height devices can accommodate redundant disks, multiple I/O cards and an extended range of processors including Intel Xeon CPUs.

Now Micro Visual Data Devices
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Now Micro Visual Data Devices

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