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For all your physical security needs, if it has a CPU, Now Micro can deliver.


Now Micro thrives on the urgency of today, driven by our core belief that “Now Matters.” Because of this, we are not just another appliance builder.  We are your trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of physical security. 

We understand the unique challenges that system integrators and independent software vendors face in this dynamic industry. We act as an extension of your team and take a personalized approach to every relationship and interaction, setting us apart as a partner who not only says what we will do, but consistently delivers on our promises.

The Now Micro Vigilant Line

The Vigilant name reflects our steadfast commitment to developing security solutions that meticulously monitor and safeguard your valuable assets and premises. With the Now Micro Vigilant line, you can rest assured that your security solutions are engineered to deliver uncompromising performance and reliability.

Explore our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions designed to support your physical security infrastructure.

DICE Asset Management Tool

DICE makes device management a breeze. DICE consolidates asset data, purchase records, warranties, and system information so you can access it all in one view. It operates by collecting information from purchased systems and updating a database in real-time. The data can be configured and exported easily into CSV format by a user for their own asset management or other compatible systems. Click through to learn more about the different functions within the portal.

Display recent order and purchase activity​, quickly view devices by warranty​, search by serial number​, see RMA and support history​, and generate support tickets.

Quickly identify device performance issues​, gain Real Time Status on device health and utilization​, and view component level configuration detail​.

Access remote desktop​, reboot and shutdown​, and push software updates.

DICE provides warranty information from major manufacturers in the same table driven interface. This allows a full contextual reporting for device lifecycle management and a quick way to generate a list of devices that may need to be replaced.

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